Setting up E-Commerce

Online shopping or e-commerce is becoming popular and it is going to be the trend in next coming years.  This article tells you about various options if your business wants to set up an e-commerce on web and mobile for your customers.

Order from Computer and Mobile app

Ordering from a mobile app is as popular as from a computer these days.  That leaves the business (seller) to have to maintain an e-commerce web site as well as an e-commerce mobile app

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Cross Platform App development

This article explains various approaches and tools used in Cross Platform App Development. If you are new to the concept of cross platform app concept, here is an article on what is the difference between native app and cross-platform apps.

Once you decide to go for cross-platform apps, what are the options for you. We try to explain that below. Based on Zoliotech's expertise, we recommend following options:

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Location based service uses the physical location of the device to control the features. GPS, iBEACON, EDDYSTONE are some of the related technology terms, which are going to be discussed in this article. There are many applications in the market that use the location information . Map applications are a straight example.

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