App Development

Requirements Analysis

Requirement Specification Once the proposal is accepted and the contract has been signed, our developers start working on the Software Requirement Specification (SRS).  This is a document containing detailed requirements including technical details on...
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App Concept

Conceptualisation During the conceptualisation phase, the idea of an app in customer’s mind is translated into a workable app development proposal by our developers and architect.  This process involves two distinct parts.  i) Understand the customer’s...
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Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) apps work on a variety of technologies. GPS, Gyrometer, Camera are some of the components developers can effectively use to give the user the experience of AR and VR. Augmented reality apps can be classified...
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DOT NET Application development

Microsoft Dot Net applications often compliments the mobile app.  In fact, mobile apps are the front-end for the Dot Net applications that run on the back end server.  We have several projects that run on Dot Net frameworks.  These applications are...
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UI Design in Apps

User Interface (UI) design is an art. With due experience, developers can sharpen their skills in this. Development tools (Xcode, Android Studio etc) provide lots of support to create the UI for the mobile apps When customers need an app in multiple platforms...
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