Remote Developers for hire

Remote Development

In software industry, remote working is very common these days, especially post pandemic era. Work from home,  and  distributed office locations are examples of remote development.  Advantage of this “Remote Developer Model” is that you can get developers from anywhere in the world.

Zoliotech can provide developers to work for you on remote developer model.  They do the development work in their location and you get your projects done. This model will compliment the pool of qualified software developers locally available in Singapore.  Below are some of the details on how this can be materialised for your benefit.

  1. What is Remote developer model?
  2. How does Remote development benefit my organisation?
  3. How does Remote developer model work?
  4. What is the cost for remote developer

What is Remote developer model?

It is ideal if all the developers are located in the same office and they interact each other on specific project.  But given the current technological enablers (such as online meeting platforms) the whole team need not be physically located in one location.  Providing a qualified developer who work remotely, full time for your project is what we call remote developer model.  The developer will work closely with your team and make sure all deliverables are met on time.

How does Remote developer benefit my organisation?

Benefits of remote developer model are :

  • Availability of qualified and experienced developers for your team
  • Low hiring cost.  Mostly it can be on contract basis.
  • Easy to expand your team for projects
  • Cost savings in more ways, including their compensation, work space, laptops etc
  • These are experienced developers who have worked in Zoliotech projects for several years.  We provide the assurance of their experience level and suitability
  • Assurance on replacements from Zoliotech

How does Remote development model work?

If you are in need of developers in mobile app or in web development, you can get in touch with us for exploring the possibility of hiring a remote developer.  Our local experts will understand your requirement and provide suitable candidates from our developer pool.  You can interview them and if suitable, we can work out a contract for the developers’ full time work for your team.  Once the contract is signed, the remote developer(s) will be part of your team for the specified contract period.  You can directly manage and monitor their work.  This gives you freedom of managing the resources without going through a “project manager” on our end.  On our side we will keep our interaction minimal (on need basis) but ensure that the developer fits well in your team’s dynamics as well as deliver quality work for your project.  The contract can be for specific project and/or specific period.

What is the cost for remote developer

Cost of hiring a remote developer depends upon the skill set and experience level.  Typical cost for an average remote developer will vary between $2,000 to $5,000 per month.  This will be typically less than 50% of the cost if you are hiring locally. We ensure continuity of developers in case there is a change needed.  Transfer of knowledge between Zoliotech developers will be done at our side.

Remote developers available for Singapore companies only?

Actually no.  We can provide remote developers for companies anywhere in the world.  Having our head quarters in Singapore, we started this service for Singapore based companies.  For sure, we plan to expand this service to other countries including neighbouring countries, Middle East, Australia, US, UK and EU.

Please get in touch with us for availability and other details of remote developers.