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Digitalise your business – step by step

Here is a step-by-step approach for digitalising your business, no matter what business you are doing. Be it in F&B, education, tourism, travel, any domain, following guidelines will help

Read further to have a good insight on each of the above.

Web site for your business

This is one thing most of the small businesses overlook.  These days most of customers find you through web searches.  A web presence is a must in order your business to appear in the search results.  Setting up a web site is pretty simple these days.  There are many organizations who can help you do that.  Zoliotech is one of the prominent web developers in Singapore.  We will be happy to assist in this area.  In terms of cost, a simple web development should cost you few hundred dollars only.  There are several government subsidy programs in order to help SME’s get onto digital path in Singapore.  Talk to one of our experts and we will pick up from there.

Develop mobile app for your business

Key advantage of a mobile app is that your customers can directly reach you through the app.  They keep your app inside their mobile phone.  You can reach out to them through push notification as well.  For example if you have some promo going on, you can notify all your customers through push notification feature.  Mobile app development is expensive than a web site development.  Web development and app development are similar but they need different skill sets.  You need to get a reliable and experienced mobile app development company.  We, at Zoliotech provide the mobile app development service.  Our experienced developers are capable of developing complex app in IOS and Android platforms.  Do get it touch with us and we can guide you through the process.

Digitise your business processes

Organization’s internal processes will definitely need some adjustments and adaptation towards digitisation.  For businesses purely dependant on paper forms so far, this change may be a tedious one.  In other terms, management will feel that applying digital means to  customers and external parties are easier than implementing them internally.  This is where a bit of management push may be required. An external party or a business consultant will be able to help in this process.

Offer eCommerce for your customer’s convenience

Majority of consumers are more comfortable ordering online.  Gone are the days they physically come to your business location just to make purchases. For your business this gives additional opportunity to save on physical store, more reach out to the customers, online 24/7 among many other.  What zoliotech can offer to support your business are a web site and mobile apps all ready with eCommerce.  This includes the payment arrangements for the customer.  We integrate your system with payment gateways securely and make sure that the money paid by customers online are properly credited to your bank account.  E-commerce involves several things: displaying your product and services online, ability for you to maintain the working hours as well as list of products and their prices.  At the end of the system implementation you, as the business owner will be the one maintaining your products online. Zoliotech, as the developer will help you maintain the system.  This maintenance is generally on the technical side of it.  In other terms you will take care of the business side maintenance while we take care of the technical side.  Web and mobile apps handle the payments slightly differently, but the basic principles are the same.  Zoliotech developers are experienced in developing ecommerce apps and web sites for taking your business online. Please get in touch with us and one of our
experts will help you in the whole process.

Digital marketing adds value

Setting up ecommerce web site and having mobile apps are just the start of your digitisation journey.  Some amount of digital marketing will enhance your business beyond boundaries.  (Please read What is digital marketing here).  In a nutshell digital marketing is advertising your business in internet.  This can be done in different ways.  This article will not be covering to the details of digital marketing.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO), postings or advertisements in social media a some of them.  Some professional help on digital marketing can reap good benefits for your business.

Social media presence

Facebook is the first social media you can easily set up your business page.  Other social media such as Twitter, Instagram are also easily accessible resources for businesses.  Depending upon the type of business, social media pages will bring more customers than a static web page.  There are several tools and options in social media engines for business promotions.  If your business is targeting common public (i.e. Business-To-Customers rather than Business-to-Business) then it is worth putting focus on social media marketing. Lots of companies and freelancers are available to help you in social media marketing.  Though Zoliotech is not fully focussed on social media marketing, we will be able to help to some extend in this area.

Importance of mobile app in your digitalisation journey

Mobile app is the core business for Zoliotech.  Zoliotech is one of the pioneer company in Singapore in mobile app development.  We develop mobile apps in IOS and Android platforms for all types of business needs.  Many of our customers have their app for use within the company only.  Lots of them published in Apple’s App store and Google’s Play store.  In current business scenario,  customers prefer to have mobile apps rather than remember your web address.  App gives easy access for them to your goods and services.  Since app is generally custom made for the customer use, customers prefer to rely on that because of the ease of use and comfort of accessibility.  In terms of cost, web page or social media may be much cheaper than developing a custom app.  But availability of a custom made mobile app in their phone gives your current and future customers a sense of closeness to your business, which makes it worth investing in.  Zoliotech is capable of creating all types of mobile apps that fits your requirements.   Get in touch with us.  We shall take care of your app development needs from conceptualisation till deployment.  We support you to maintain your apps too.

Get started with Zoliotech’s expert developers

Zoliotech developers have evolved through the changes and improvements in IOS and Android app development.  We are licensed developers of IOS and Android apps.  Local presence is important, if not a must, in app development projects.  We have our developers and architects in Singapore who will work with you to bring out the best app for you.

Read more on Zoliotech’s experience in mobile apps here.

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