Pioneer company in Mobile app development in Singapore


Zoliotech provides mobile app development services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore. Our clients rely on us to create custom applications to facilitate their business operations.


We assist Singaporean schools and polytechnics in developing educational apps for their students.


Developing interactive games for entertainment and learning purposes on both the iOS and Android platforms, including 3D games.


Online purchases with payment gateways have been implemented and deployed for customers in Singapore.


Apps for medical use include aids for nurses, doctors, and pharmacists, including a custom medicine ordering app


Maps and location based apps are used for navigation purposes by our clients, such as ride booking in Singapore.

Mobile App Development Company in Singapore

Native apps are developed on IOS and Android platforms separately. Hybrid apps are based on HTML5 and can work on both platforms. Zoliotech Developers in Singapore can create both native and hybrid apps based on the customer’s requirements.

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IOS Apps

iPhone/iPAD app development

IOS apps are developed in Objective-C and SWIFT programming languages. Zoliotech developers use Xcode tool from Apple, to develop IOS apps in Singapore.

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Android Apps

Android Phone/Tablet Apps

Android apps are developed in Java and Kotlin programming languages. Zoliotech developers use Android Studio tool to develop Android apps in Singapore.

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Hybrid Apps

Platform Independent Apps

Hybrid apps (Cross Platform Apps) are developed in HTML5 programming language. Zoliotech developers use Unity 3D engine to develop hybrid apps in Singapore.


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Pioneer Mobile app development company in Singapore

  • IOS/Android apps
  • Cloud Applications
  • Web Developments
  • Software Testing
  • Software Consultancy
  • Courses for developers

App Development Process

App development team in Singapore work with the customer from conceptualization of the app until app deployment. Conceptualize, Design, Development and Deployment are four distinct phases in the development cycle. We take care of app maintenance after deployment as well.




  • Understand customers’ app concept
  • Prepare a project proposal.
  • Proposal contains scope, schedule, cost details

App Design

App Design


  • Prepare a prototype of the app
  • Get feedback from users
  • Finalize the screen layout
  • Prepare Requirements Spec



Deploy to users

  • Submission to App Stores
  • Prepare the User Manuals
  • Prepare the technical documents
  • Hand over the code and documents
  • Maintenance plan

App Development FAQ

How long does it take to develop an app?

Typical app development project will take 3 to 8 months to complete.  Each phase mentioned above (Concept, Design, Develop, Deploy) can take from 2 to 8 weeks of duration depending upon the complexity.

What is the cost of developing a mobile app in Singapore (2024) ?

Average cost of developing an app in Singapore ranges between S$20,000 to S$30,000.  This is based an an assumption that customer needs the app on both IOS and Android platforms.

What is the difference between native app and hybrid app?

Native IOS app works only on Apple devices (iPhone, iPAD etc).  Native Android app works only on Android devices.  Hybrid or Cross Platform apps will work on both.  Native apps will have separate code for IOS and Android. Hybrid app will have only one code, which can work on both IOS and Android (and Windows as well)

What is app maintenance? How much will annual maintenance cost?

Maintenance is to ensure smooth working of the app after deployment. Many things will change over time, like new versions of Operating System, new devices etc. You will need someone to look after your app as these changes happen.  Annual maintenance cost is typically 10% to 20% of development cost

Is there a way to deploy an app only to our company staff?

Yes, this is possible.  If you don’t want general public to access the app, you can make it available on private links.  It can be on your company website.  Zoliotech does this way for many companies in Singapore.

How do I select a good vendor for my app development?

As in any other procurement, track record of the app development company is most helpful. Being a software work, local presence is desirable.  Interact with vendor representative, check their company website, look for reviews and feedbacks on the internet, check if the company has done similar apps in the past,  are some of the common ways.

Software Services we offer in Singapore

We specialize in Mobile App design and development, and that is our core business in Singapore. Most of the apps have back-end server and database. We use cloud services (Amazon Web Service, Azure, or Firebase) as backend. As part of it, we do Cloud applications, Web site design, Software Testing and other related Software consultancy services. We have a training division for Mobile App Development courses too. Zoliotech developers have years (rather decades) of app development expertise. We share it for the development community in Singapore through our training courses.


JOB SCAM:  Be careful if anyone contacts you with job opportunity at Zoliotech.  It is a SCAM.  We are NOT offering any kind of job currently.