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Cost of developing an App in Singapore

Cost of app development is the first thing many of the businesses concerned about.  Singapore is digitally advanced country and companies and organisations here are keen to develop mobile apps.  Below is an objective way of looking at the cost of developing app from a development perspective.

Based on the complexity, Mobiles apps can be categorised into three groups:

  1. Informative app with no updates, which provides information about an event or a business.
  2. Informative app with updates from server, which reads data from the server and presents in the mobile device.
  3. Interactive app, which reads data from server as well as updates the data into the server.

Cost for developing each category of app goes high when moving from category 1 to 3.

Informative app with no updates is a good start for any business to make their presence in the mobile applications. This is a stand alone application with no interaction to any server. Updates needs to be included in new versions of the app.

If you want updates to reach your customers faster, easier way is to go for an informative app with updates, or an interactive app. Both requires the mobile app to be communicating to a web server and hence the development cost will be higher than the one with no updates.

A typical app will take 2-3 months for development. Assuming you need it in IOS and Android platforms, the development cost, to give you a broad estimate,  can range from  $10,000 to $30,000, depending upon the complexity of the app.

Please contact us for a detailed discussion on the options for your planned mobile app.

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