Publishing IOS apps in iTunes

If the app needs to be published in your company's name you need to get a developer licence from Apple. Apple reviews every app that is published on iTunes. Typically they take 1-2 weeks time to review and approve the app. Please add this to your schedule, when you plan a launch date for your app.

Publishing Android apps in Google Play

Need developer license to publish in Google play. Publishing cycle-time is shorter since there is no review involved. Typically you get your app published within a day.

Enterprise publishing

This is meant for internal apps which are to be used only by your employees. Apple provides enterprise license for this. For Android apps, no separate license is needed. In this method, you can publish the app say as a link in your company intranet. Zoliotech is well versed with all these publishing methods and will complete the publishing task on your behalf once the app development is complete.