Requirements Analysis

Our developer or architect will sit with you to understand the requirements for the app. You need to explain your requirements to the developer and decide the features as well as the design (look and feel) of the application. If you already have a website for this application, just give that website address to the developer and they can pick up the features from there.

Screen Layout and design

The developers will provide you with screen layouts and sample design of the screens. They will explain the screen navigations and operational features of the app. Your feedbacks and suggestions will be incorporated to the layout.

Prototype app

Based on the screen layout, developers will come up with a prototype of the app, which you can actually load to the mobile device and navigate between screens. This will be a non-functional app for finalising the features. Developers take all your feedbacks and improve the design and layout of the app.

First version of the app

This will be your first functional app. This may be limited in the features or may not work on all platforms. But first version gives the feel of the real app in operation. Feedbacks on suggestions from customers are important and will be incorporated in the final version.

Final version of the app

This is the final and complete app on all platforms. Ready for user acceptance tests.

Agile methodology

We follow the Agile methodology for app development. It is a concept of incremental and iterative build-up of the software. SCRUM calls - 15 minutes call daily - are part of this methodology. We involve our customers in these calls so that developers get direct feedback plus customers get a feel of the daily progress of the app development. Typically first and final versions of the app form sprint-cycles in agile terminology.