Cross Platform App development

This article explains various approaches and tools used in Cross Platform App Development. If you are new to the concept of cross platform app concept, here is an article on what is the difference between native app and cross-platform apps.

Once you decide to go for cross-platform apps, what are the options for you. We try to explain that below. Based on Zoliotech's expertise, we recommend following options:

Unity 3D engine for mobile app development

Phonegap or Cordova for mobile app development

Sencha platform for mobile app development

Mobile apps development using Unity

Unity3D is a powerful cross-platform 3D engine. It is extensively used for 2D and 3D game development as well as 3D modelling apps. Applications developed on Unity can be exported to multiple platforms including IOS and Android. Hence Unity engine can be used to develop cross platform mobile apps. Unity development environment is stable and very user friendly. The application is developed and tested on Unity engine. Once all features are ready, it is exported to IOS or Android platforms. Once exported, it creates the code for a native app in that platform. Code enhancements and maintenance is done only on Unity and hence only one code base need to be maintained.

Mobile app development using PhoneGap/Cordova

Cordova , formerly known as PhoneGap , is a framework to develop mobile apps using web development languages like HTML, CSS and JScript. It allows you to write an application using these languages and run it as a native application on supported mobile devices. IOS, Android and many more platforms are supported. Cordova applications are effectively a web view that occupies the complete screen. Web view, runs on top of the OS platform underneath. While running the application, the web pages that display the app-contents remains the same, irrespective of the platform it is running on. In many situations, platform specific plugins are used to act as the interface between the device and the application. For example, accessing the device camera is normally through a plugin. As the OS platform or the device changes, the plugin gets new updates. Hence the basic application code does not have to change.

Mobile app development using Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is another framework that is used to develop mobile web and cross platform mobile apps using web technologies. It uses JavaScript to develop native-looking HTML5 apps. Note that the development platforms and frameworks listed in this article are not exhaustive list. There are several tools that does the cross platform mobile app development. Options mentioned above are the tools where Zoliotech has expertise in.

Next Step

One major criteria when deciding on the platform is the adoption of the platform among development community across the world. Another important factor is the support for platforms, so that technical questions are answered quickly and appropriate solution is readily available. Please feel free to get in touch with us for any clarifications. Our consultants will be happy to discuss with you more.