Zoliotech started business on mobile apps 10 years back

Zoliotech's history begins back in 2009, when the first office was opened in Singapore.  Zoliotech focussed on mobile apps development from the very beginning.  The team knew that web and mobile are twins and we will have to handle web projects as well.  Our initial project was for a mobile app on Blackberry devices.  IOS app store was opened one year before (July 2008) with an initial 500 applications available.  Within one year time, the number of apps had gone up to 50,000.  Google Market (current Google Play) was started in Oct 2008 and by end of 2009, it had 16,000 applications.  Those growth gave the founder members the conviction that mobile apps business is there to stay. 

Embarked App Store first with a Food Delivery App

Realising the growth potential for apps in IOS and Android, Zoliotech pumped in resources in those platforms.  Our first app was published in Appstore and Google Play in Oct 2010.  It was the first food delivery app in Singapore for Pastamania chain of food outlets.  Within 3 months of its publication, Pastamania mobile app was one among the top 5 apps in popularity in Singapore market.  


App design on bigger screens (Tablets)

IPAD was released by Apple in Apr 2010.  It came to Singapore much later.  Even before the IPADs were officially launched in Singapore, Zoliotech started development work on IPAD for our first product series: Field Order Management System (FOMS).  Developed it for one of the SME's in Singapore.  Later that product got multiple customers and evolved as a product from Zoliotech. Android tablets were also available in the market almost the same time and Zoliotech developers were excited to design and develop apps on bigger screens.  


Mobile app market expanded. So did Zoliotech too

The number of mobile apps projects grew in number considerably.  The development center had grown up in size.  Number of developers in IOS and Android were not many.  Zoliotech started a mobile app development training course.  The training courses were originally designed for our customers.  Since there were demand, we started offering the basic and advanced courses to the students, and developers.  In terms of business, there were many opportunities for mobile apps and competition was relatively less.  Other operating systems (Symbian, PalmOS, BlackberryOS, Windows etc) were present in the market at that time.



Mobile apps - essential part of common lifestyle

By 2017 mobile app has become an essential part of life for everybody.  Zoliotech had developed apps in many domains: Educational, Medical, e-commerce, Automation, sales etc. Technology was evolving at a higher speed than the industry and population can absorb.  Zoliotech positioned in between them - translating higher end technology into app that are useful in day-to-day life.  By this time, Zoliotech acquired expertise in many high tech areas such as image and video processing, high speed computation, Graphical Processing Units (OpenGL, Metal), and 3D engines

Mobile apps market is still in growing trend

Mobile apps domain has evolved a lot in the last one decade.  But the growth has not flattened yet.  That is what Zoliotech believe as of today (2019).  And hence business will continue with focus on Mobile apps development.  Will evolve and grow in that domain potentially for another one decade more.  In terms of business, international market is what Zoliotech will focus more in coming years, with goodwill from our all our present and past customers.