Acceptance Test and publishing

Once the development of the app is complete, you need to test the application. The developer will provide you a test build . If you are developing on multiple platforms , make sure you do the test on each platform with multiple devices and multiple OS  versions.

Cellular repair center is an IT repair service and sales company, well known across the neighborhood and among the local people. Many local people as well as businesses are among our returning clients. Our main services range from on-site diagnostics to full-fledged PC/Mac/laptop repairing and support to computer and peripheral sales. In the course of our company's long history we've grown much bigger than we were originally; employing more staff, having larger premises and helping even more customers, but our original values haven’t changed one bit. Our loyal and returning clients let our business grow so we’re grateful and we’ll always make sure we return the favor with top notch quality of our robust tech repair. Our long term commitment is to make sure that we treat our customers with the most lasting, qualitative problem fixing than anyone else.

Computer viruses are one of the most common problems computer repair services are called upon to fix. In 2010, Happy Hamster Computers removed more than 60,000 viruses from more than 3,000 computers.

It can cost hundreds of dollars to fix an infected computer, and in some instances, computer repair is futile if the data gets destroyed and the hardware fried. The following is a look at some of the most expensive computer viruses to date.

10. Sasser: Appearing in 2004, Sasser affected the British Coast Guard’s mapping system, canceled several flights and caused up to $500 million in damages. The creator was a German teenager.