Who We Are

Zoliotech is a global mobile apps development company with offices in US and  Singapore. Over a period of 10 years since its inception, Zoliotech developers have created applications for many areas of business and life style (Medical, Education, Food & Beverages,  Games, sales, offie automation etc) 

Zolitech specialize in IOS and Android native app development. Our developers create innovative apps for iPhone, iPAD, Android phones/tablets, Blackberry and Windows. We create cross platform apps using HTML5 as well. Our developers are experienced in navigating the additional layer of complexity that eCommerce and mCommerce poses, due to security, authentication, and licensing issues.

Our eCommerce apps integrate the typical functionality of a mobile or web application with integration to payment gateways, allowing payment by credit card, PayPal ,and eNETS, among other facilities. Apple Pay and Android Pay are also added to the latest versions of the apps as payment methods. These apps streamline our clients business processes at the back-end, with transaction processing, order tracking, and inventory management. With our eCommerce applications, our clients have been able to swiftly and easily monetise their products and services, while reaching consumers worldwide at the same time.

We conduct training courses on IOS and Android app development in Singapore.Our trainers are experienced in training as well as course development. We take pride in our team member's participation in popular Ray Wenderlich - Tutorials for developers and gamers.