Mobile Apps Development

We assist our clients conceptualise the app and develop them with innovative user interface and reliable software quality.    

Native Apps

We build robust and scalable native app with clean code. We have experience in delivering Android, IOS and Windows apps for all screen resolutions (phone, tablet, iPAD) with best UI designs. 

Hybrid apps

We design and develop apps with distinct functionalities on multiple platform with lesser time and cost. This is because the development effort in a cross-platform environment is less.  However there are some trade offs.  Here is an article on cross platform app development

We specialise in native app development on IOS, Android and Windows operating systems.  Our developers create innovative apps for iPhone, iPAD, Android phones/tablets and Windows. We create cross platform apps using HTML5 as well. Impressive UI design and flexible navigation are key in our app design.

Android Apps

We develop Android applications for the vast range of mobile devices including Android Phones and Android Tabletss. Our developers, working with Java Programming language on Eclipse and Android Studio, creates Android apps of outstanding reliability.

Android is one of the fastest growing platforms in the market today. On the same note, there are multitudes of hardware (the mobile device) in the market. Testing on all devices available in the market is practically impossible.  However, we selectively samples the test phones in such a way that the entire population of Android devices can run apps we develop. 

Our extensive experience with the Android platform enables us to develop and test apps to ensure seamless compatibility across the range of Android devices on the market. Android experts of Zoliotech, build apps that fulfill your business objectives.   Our technical team’s expertise also allows us to deliver apps compatible on both iOS and Android platforms, while retaining the uniformity of design and branding that our clients value.

iOS Apps

We develop native iOS applications for our clients worldwide. Working closely with our clients, our developers, proficient in Objective-C, Swift, and Xcode, adhere to an established development process that guarantees quality and product security.

iPhones and iPads are the most trendy gadgets in the world. The powerful features of this platform help in developing iOS apps, which deliver optimal performance and yet are simple and user friendly.  With our iOS apps, our clients businesses have reached new audiences, streamlined processes, and energised productivity.

Windows Apps

The Windows App Market has evolved considerably over the past few years as people are increasingly using mobile applications for a wide variety of reasons. With the increase in the variety of smart devices, from phones, tablets, notebooks, laptops, to PCs, having an application that can be universally adaptive has become top priority for app developers as well as client companies.

Our windows mobile app development team is extremely well versed in .Net,C++ and other technical know-how on windows app development,which helps us to ensure that you get the apps with the highest quality performance and user experience.

eCommerce Apps

At Zoliotech, we develop cross-platform eCommerce solutions for business clients. Our developers are experienced in navigating the additional layer of complexity that eCommerce and mCommerce poses, due to security, authentication, and licensing issues. Our eCommerce apps integrate the typical functionality of a mobile or web application with integration to payment gateways, allowing payment by credit card, PayPal, and eNETS, among other facilities. Apple Pay and Android Pay are also added to the latest versions of the apps as payment methods. These apps streamline our clients business processes at the back-end, with transaction processing, order tracking, and inventory management.

With our eCommerce applications, our clients have been able to swiftly and easily monetise their products and services, while reaching consumers worldwide at the same time.

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Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented Reality (AR) Apps are right at the cutting edge of mobile technology. AR involves overlaying images, video, or information onto a real-time, real-world camera feed. An up-and-coming technology, it has a staggering array of innovative applications, in fields as diverse as education, advertising, navigation, and gaming. AR represents a reservoir of sheer untapped potential for businesses. We work with clients to develop novel and innovative AR-based solutions for their businesses..

AR and especially VR can deliver realistic psychological and physical experiences through immersive real-life simulations in a safe environment. Both of these technologies have enormous opportunities in the near future.

Unity Apps

At Zoliotech ,our expert team of Unity3D engine provide a flexible game development platform. We offer highly scalable optimized performance for 3D and 2D games which are easy to deploy on multiple platform.

Unity3D is a powerful cross-platform 3D engine. It is extensively used for 2D and 3D game development as well as 3D modelling apps. Applications developed on Unity can be exported to multiple platforms including IOS and Android. Hence Unity engine can be used to develop cross platform mobile apps. Whether for entertainment, education, or brand-positioning, our mobile game developers have the resources and expertise to exceed client expectations.

Unity development environment is stable and very user friendly. The application is developed and tested on Unity engine. Once all features are ready, it is exported to IOS or Android platforms. Once exported, it creates the code for a native app in that platform. Code enhancements and maintenance is done only on Unity and hence only one code base need to be maintained.

Cross Platform Apps

Cross Platform Development is the development of mobile and desktop applications that are compatible with multiple platforms, but offer similar functionalities for each platform. Key advantage of cross platform application development is that only one code base is to developed and maintained. Cross platform application development is known for their simplicity as they use basic languages for scripting, CSS, HTML, C, C# and Javascript. Many platforms, tools and frameworks are present for the developers to develop good interactive applications.

There are several adaptable and powerful cross-platform mobile development frameworks, such as Sencha, jQuery or PhoneGap that provide an HTML5-based platform for designing and developing native web apps that will look, feel and function to give the same rich user experience across all devices (smartphone, tablets and desktops).

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