Advance course on iPhone/iPAD application development

Title: Advanced course on iPhone/iPAD Application Development

Course Code : IOS102

Course Contents:

Quartz and OpenGL frameworks
SQlite and Data persistance
Camera and media player
Advanced GPS features
Map overlays
  KML data
Route tracking
Augmented Reality
Geo Tagging
 Encryption technologies
 Push Notification Service
 Peer to Peer Connectivity
 Memory Monitoring and management
 Advanced debugging Techniques
Crash log analysis
  Debug trace
 Performance optimization
Run time analysis
  Memory leak detection
System memory usage & optimization
 Multi tasking capabilities


THREE-days training -Advanced
Course Fee: S$1250

Month Mar Apr May Jun
Course_Dates 14,15,16 18,19,20 16,17,18 12,13,14