How to create a Mobile Application for your business

Create iPhone/iPAD/Android apps


Here is a step-by-step guide, if your business plans to develop a mobile app (iPhone, iPAD or Android application).

Most of the SME's (Small and Medium Enterprises) outsource the App development work to companies like Zoliotech.  Zoliotech is the top mobile app development company in Singapore.  We have professional management team and super-genius developers to make your app-concept to reality

Proposal for app development

After our initial meetings to understand your requirements, we will send you a proposal for app development.  This document will give you an idea of the scope, schedule and cost involved.  It will also explain the capabilities and features of the app to be developed.


Developing the Mobile app

App development process involves:

Requirement Analysis
Screen Layout and Design
Prototype app
First version of the app
Final version of the app

Read our Mobile apps development process in detail here. 


Testing the mobile app - User Acceptance Tests

Once the development of the app is complete, you need to test the application. The developer will provide you a test build which can run on your test devices.  If you are developing on multiple platforms (iOS, Android), make sure you do the test on each platform with multiple devices and multiple OS (operating system) versions.

Publishing the app

Read various methods of Publishing the App here.

Cost of developing an app 

Cost involved in developing an app is a factor of complexity of the app and developer’s expertise. Statistically we have noticed that Zoliotech quotes are towards the bottom side of the market rates. One main reason for may be our long experience in this field. Here is an article explaining the  complexity of the app and the cost of development.

Developer Training

In case your organization has a development team and want them to take over the mobile app development, we are ready to train them as well.  Please visit our App Development Training section.


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